What is Google Bard?

So what is it?

Bard is a brand new AI chat service developed by Google that functions similarly to ChatGPT. However, the biggest difference is that Google Bard pulls its information from the web, while ChatGPT uses its own language model.

Unlike ChatGPT, which can only access pre 2021 information, Bard can access the all the latest information from the internet and actually includes a “Google it” button that facilitates search. Additionally, it gives credit to its sources, including sites like Wikipedia for factual information.

Google has warned that Bard, has its limitations and may present incorrect or biased information as it get’s it’s info from the web.

How does it work compared to other models?

Bard is powered by Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), built on Transformer, the same neural network architecture that OpenAi’s ChatGPT uses. The initial version of Bard will use a lightweight model of LaMDA to allow for scalability.

Google opened up its Bard waitlist on March 21, 2023, to limited users in the US and UK, but not us here in Australia!

Google’s decision to unveil Bard now comes from the success of ChatGPT, which gained over one million users in less than a week after its launch, making it the fastest-growing app of all time. Microsoft also unveiled a new AI-improved Bing within the same week as Bard’s announcement.

How do I access Bard in Australia?

Well, you can’t yet, unless you have access to a VPN! You can however join the waitlist here.