Tips to Build Trust Digitally for Real Estate Agents.

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We all know that people like to deal with people they know & trust.  In the past this relationship building was done predominantly in person. But today we are in the digital age, where we need to build rapport & trust quite often well before we actually meet in person.

Being a Real Estate Agent means that you are at the forefront of this digital relationship building shift.  Today you may even build trust, have video tours & showings, discuss negotiations & even sign contracts all digitally without ever meeting in person. Real estate transactions are becoming increasingly digital.

Below are a few tips to help you build trust with sellers & buyers in the digital age. 

– Be Quick!

Digital communication relies on speed.  Clients don’t want to wait long for a call, email, text, private message.  They want communication & answers NOW!

Instant gratification has become a required client experience.

Find technology that can streamline your client engagement and outreach. The technology is available – so make sure you capitalise on it.  Ask us for recommendations of technology that our agents are using with great success.

– Provide Useful Advice & Educational Content

Be the go-to real estate expert in your local community.  This is vital.  People are hungry & searching for answers.  If you don’t pro actively provide this advice & content, they will get it elsewhere (your competition).


  • Social Media
  • Email newsletters
  • Print resources
  • Create advice videos
  • Market Reports
  • Your website
  • Lead magnets
  • Write a blog

– The Money is in The Follow up.

Don’t expect clients & deals just to land in your lap.  If you have a lead follow up & keep following up – not to be a pest, but to add value.

Use your CRM religiously and keep it clean & up to date.  The most valuable asset any business has is their “Customer Database”.  How are you managing your customer database/crm.  Is it structured and helping you with seamless relationship building, or is it fly by the seat of your pants, sloppy, haphazard communication?

The future of your business is in your database and how you communicate and follow-up with clients and leads. Once again use tech to your advantage.

– Be Slow

Yep, we just said to be quick!

But when communicating with your leads and clients, take the time to make them feel they are the most important people you are dealing with. 

Don’t rush any communication.  In the digital world it is easy to misunderstand people’s intentions.   Take the time to clearly communicate in detail and make your clients feel special – not just a number.

Technology can be an Agents best friend if you use it properly.  On the other hand it will bite badly if you misuse it.

Need some help or advice?  Let us know, that is what we are here for.  Nobody has a tech-stack that even comes close to eXp, wait till you see our own eXp metaverse!

By Ken Hobson

eXp agents have access to some of the most powerful technologies in real estate including top-tier resources, tools, services and training to further your success.

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