How does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that determine the visibility and order of content on the platform. It evaluates every post, story, and reel that is shared on Instagram, taking into consideration factors such as captions, hashtags, and engagement metrics. The algorithm then uses this information to curate a personalized feed for each user, showing them content that aligns with their interests and behaviours on the platform. 

The goal of the algorithm is to enhance the user experience by presenting them with relevant and engaging content

The top ranking factors for the Instagram algorithm

The connection between the creator of the content and the audience can include following each other, messaging, and commenting. Repeated interactions with a specific user can result in increased visibility of their new content. This is significant for businesses as active engagement through community management, including responding to direct messages and comments, can enhance a brand’s presence on Instagram.

Instagram uses a variety of factors to determine the relevance of every piece of content, including its alignment with current trending topics and the timeliness of the post (with recent posts being considered more relevant than older ones).

Is this type of content typically interacted with by a user? The Instagram algorithm serves users more of the same content type or format when it recognises that they enjoy it.


Frequency of Use
The frequency of using the platform determines the relevance of content a user sees. Users who don’t often open Instagram will only see the most important content when they do. This can make it difficult for businesses to appear in the feeds of infrequent users, as they may be crowded out by posts from family and friends.


How Many Accounts Does the User Follow
The number of accounts a person follows can affect the amount of competition for space in their feed. As a user follows more accounts, there are more posts competing for visibility on their feed.


Session Time
If a user has a short session in the app, they will probably only encounter posts from their closest friends and family on the platform, which makes it harder for businesses to appear in their feed.


While there are other factors, it ultimately comes down to one thing – the algorithm rewards high-quality and engaging content. To increase your presence on Instagram, focus on creating content that delights, entertains, or informs your audience.

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