Facebook ads – What the new updates mean for Agents and how to manage your business account

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Some important tips to get the most from the latest round of Facebook updates and how to limit your risk of your account being restricted.

Facebook & real estate go hand in hand. But as Agents it often gives us a few challenges. Update after update means you are continually on a learning curve.

At eXp we have a team of experts that can help you through the confusion. This article is for any Agent using facebook and is wanting to get the most out of the latest round of updates.

Special Ad Category: “Housing” updates
Facebook has made further updates to their algorithm and regulations around the Special Ad Category “Housing” that was first introduced in December 2021.

This is not brand new news – but really needs reiterating for Agents.

The new rules for declaring ads under Special Ad Category are as follows:
“Housing: Ads that promote or directly link to a housing opportunity or related service, including but not limited to listings for the sale or rental of a home or apartment, homeowners’ insurance, mortgage insurance, mortgage loans, housing repairs and home equity or appraisal services. This does not include ads designed to educate consumers or housing providers about their rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws. Learn more about what qualifies as an ad for housing under our policies.”

Unfortunately using the Special Ad Category affects your targeting options.
Once you declare Special Ad Category: “Housing”, you really restrict your targeting options including not adding options, age range or special exclusions. You also have a minimum geographical target range that is ok if you are a regional agent, but if you are inner city it causes issues.

Facebook are becoming quite strict with these restrictions and have very little tolerance before simply shutting down business accounts. You need to tread very carefully.

Our advice to you is to follow the rules exactly and don’t push the boundaries whatsoever.

Clear out your account. Facebook’s the algorithm may flag an old ad that doesn’t meet their requirements and therefore flag your account.

Don’t try and run an ad or boost a post (without using the special housing category) that in it self is not related to real estate, as the algorithm will flag you just for being a real estate agent.

Don’t use your personal account as a business account. Every human on earth is only allowed one personal facebook account

Keep the number of admins on your business manager to 5.

If you’re on the road a lot, don’t log into your ad account from different computers. Facebook flags accounts with multiple logins from different IP locations for potential fraud. You are best to log in from your mobile device if you are not in the office.
If your ad is disapproval, it is essential to delete the disapproved ad as soon as possible, especially if you plan on posting another one.

You need to stay abreast of a of all their policies. Many people insist they’ve done nothing wrong – But Facebook is very clear about what you should and shouldn’t do with regard to running your ad account.

By Ken Hobson

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